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27 June 2013

Friday, 7 July 2017

Elon : Widow Opens ( Door is not closed, either )

In my blog :

I wrote :


#  Solar  Power  Storage

     TESLA ( Elon Musk ) is negotiating setting up of a 100 MW “ Storage Installation “ , in Australia , within 100 days, for a price of $ 25 million

For  this , TESLA will use its POWER-WALL / POWER-PACK batteries

Can Elon Musk be persuaded to set up 1000 similar Storage Installations in India, within 4 years ?

In my following blogs , I have explained how Elon Musk can be persuaded to do this – and for FREE !

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This morning news-papers report that TESLA won that Australian Contract

 Tesla will provide the entire energy storage system for the wind farm via a 100 MW/129 MWh Powerpack system.

The Powerpack will be charged using the energy generated by the wind farm, which is owned by French renewable energy provider Neoen.

It’s expected to make South Australia’s power grid more reliable by delivering energy during peak hours.

“Upon completion by December 2017, this system will be the largest lithium-ion battery storage project in the world and will provide enough power for more than 30,000 homes,” according to Tesla’s press release.

That’s roughly the same number of homes affected by a state-wide blackout in South Australia back in September, which left 1.7 million people without electricity.


Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk is, of course, excited about the deal.

In a tweet, Musk proudly announced that the Hornsdale Powerpack system would be the world’s highest power battery system.

This will be the highest power battery system in the world by a factor of 3. Australia rocks!! https://t.co/c1DD7xtC90
— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) July 7, 2017

But Musk isn’t the only one excited about the project. 

According to the Sydney Morning HeraldSouth Australian Premier Jay Weatherill expects that this “extraordinary collaboration” will stabilize the state’s energy system, as well as lower the price of electricity: “Battery storage is the future of our national energy market, and the eyes of the world will be following our leadership in this space.”

And here is that INDIAN WINDOW :

In India :

·         Solar and Wind Power generation is making rapid strides

·         Coal based power plants are inefficient and their power is costlier ( than solar )

·         Plant load Factor of coal based plants is falling continuously , making them nonviable

·         Roof Top Solar are operating in Mini Local Grids ( very small transmission )

·         Construction of dozens of new coal based plants is suspended ( no takers ! )

·         May be Rs 5 lakh*crore worth of bank loans given to these “ under construction “ plants , will turn NPA

As a result ,

·         There is a growing “ imbalance “ in the installed capacities of Coal / Solar / Wind power generation

And ,

·         Whereas cheap / efficient / clean , Solar and Wind generated power cannot be stored for later use ( eg: during peak demand at night )

TESLA’s Battery Storage solves that problem

And that leaves a Window open for Elon Musk !

08  July  2017