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27 June 2013

Saturday, 5 August 2017

From Cradle to Grave ?

5000 BC

Egyptian Pharaoh dies

He gets buried in a large pyramid along with items of his daily usage

But what if he needs “ Services “ during his journey to the nether world ?

His Minister orders that Pharaoh’s servants too get buried alive with him !

Feb 2015

An American dies

 In his last wish, he asks his relatives to bury his Smart Phone ( powered by an ever-lasting battery ) , along with him so that he can continue sending / receiving messages to / from his 400 friends on WhatsApp

The dying man’s last wish was fulfilled

04  Aug  2017

India’s MHA ( Ministry of Home Affairs ) decreed :

“ From Oct 01 , Aadhaar will be required to obtain a death certificate

In case the deceased did not have an Aadhaar, or an enrolment number, the applicant asking for the death certificate will have to give an undertaking, saying that to the best of his / her knowledge, the deceased did not possess the 12 digit Unique Identification Number

Applicants will also have to give their Aadhaar numbers along with those of the deceased’s spouse AND parents

The idea is to ensure that the person claimed to be buried ( or cremated ) , does not continue to receive DBT ( Direct Benefit Transfer ) in his bank account

04  Sept  2017

Police Department issues a circular , saying that :

#  All tomb-stones must be engraved with the Aadhaar Number of the person buried ( - no clarification in respect of the dead who get cremated )

#   Aadhaar Card of the dead must be taped to his forehead ( in a hermetically sealed plastic bag ) , before burying

This will ensure “ Linkage “ of the dead person with the engraved number on his tomb-stone, and ensure correct forensic exam, after exhuming his body ( - if required )


05  Oct  2017

Law Ministry issues a directive that every person must mention his / her Aadhaar Number in his / her “ WILL “ , failing which, that “ WILL “ , will have no legal sanctity

And to further ensure that there is no scope for litigation amongst the beneficiaries of the “ WILL “, it must mention the Aadhaar Numbers of each beneficiary mentioned in the “ WILL

05  Nov  2017

Health Ministry issues an Ordinance prohibiting people from dying if they have not obtained an Aadhaar Number

The observant will not fail to see the logic behind all of these Circulars – Decrees – Ordinances

As of now , only some 123 Services have got linked with Aadhaar Number , but a new service gets added , every day

And who says, “ Use of Aadhaar is limited during one’s life time “ ?

Does not everyone need Services in the AFTER-LIFE ?

Without an Aadhar linkage , on the holy day of " Shradhha ( Pitru-Tarpan ), how will the crows deliver your sweets to your Ancestors , without making a mistake ?

06  Aug  2017

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