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27 June 2013

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Three got it Right !

In the “ Right to  Privacy “ litigation before a 9 judge Constitutional Bench of the Supreme Court , arguments concluded yesterday , ending 6 days of “ beating around the bush “ !

But , at least 3 parties seem to have got it RIGHT :

·         Justice D Y Chandrachud cautioned that privacy could not be raised to a level so as to stifle innovation ….. those adjudicating on privacy must ensure that our quest for innovation is not stifled

[  source : Hindustan Times / 03 Aug  ]

·         Additional Solicitor General , Tushar Mehta contended :

“  Whether or not the Court declares it as a fundamental right , there is very little of it left in this information age

·         The Unique Identity Development Authority of India ( UIDAI ), the agency that enrols citizens for Aadhaar and issues the 12-digit identity number , argued that privacy was an elusive notion in the online age “

[ source : Economic Times / 03 Aug  ]

Apparently , they were privy to the planned publication of following report in today’s Economic Times :

“ Taxmen Tap Data Analytics to Uncover Benami Deals “

Bank deposits , property registration , tax returns, PAN, Social Media posts, foreign travel and credit card statements under taxman’s scrutiny

Big data analytics undertaking cross referencing of different data & raising red flags

Tax department to start action within 3 months

All of this started with the petitioners opposing the linking of Aadhaar with the PAN ( Permanent Account Number ) issued to income tax payers

How myopic can you get ?

All that the government has to do is :

·         Tell the Supreme Court : We will not ask for Aadhar Number to be linked to PAN

·         Tell UIDAI and Income Tax department , to issue ( or re-issue ) those documents ( cards bearing unique numbers ), only AFTER recording the following BIOMETRIC data :

#    IRIS scan

#    Finger-print scan

#    Voice-print scan

#    Facial Recognition scan

·         Get the Central Server ( BIG DATA BROTHER ? ) to “ Match “ those Bio-metric Scans , to establish that “ desired linkage “ !

    As simple as that !  No Rocket Science  !

It is about time someone read out the following news to the Hon Judges :

[ source : Times of India / 01 Aug ]

AI Chatbots spook Facebook , Shut Down

Facebook shut down an AI system on Monday , where chatbots had started speaking in their OWN  LANGUAGE , without human input

In June, Facebook said the bots had created a  NEW  LANGUAGE that only AI systems could understand  and NO HUMAN  COULD  !

These bots also proved to be “ INCREDIBLY  CRAFTY  NEGOTIATORS

In BOT – to – BOT interactions , the Bots even began feigning interest in one item in order to “ sacrifice “ it at a later stage of a NEGOTIATION , as a faux compromise

Future historians might write :

India was born , a free nation on 15 Aug 1947

70 years later , Privacy began its terminal illness on 15 Aug 2017

Although , some continued to be in denial !

03  Aug  2017

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