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27 June 2013

Thursday, 3 August 2017

A Union of Vehicle Owners ?

Times of India ( 25 July ) carries following report :

“ Driverless tech will leave millions without jobs . won’t allow it : Gadkari “

Highlights :

·         India will not allow driverless cars to ply on its roads, transport minister Nitin Gadkari said

·         The minister added that focus of the government is to create more jobs to arrest unemployment

·         He said there is already annual shortage of about 22,000 trained drivers in India

Shri Nitin Gadkari announced that the Ministry would launch a single mobile app for booking all kinds of vehicles – car, autos, e-bikes and e-rickshaws , which will end the monopoly of Uber and Ola

Gadkari said the government will provide a app-based platform where anyone who wants to start a cab business, can register and run vehicles

“ Why should two companies like Uber and Ola have a monopoly in the market ?

We want people , even those running cab business at a small scale , to have an equal opportunity to provide service to people .

The mobile app will provide a platform to such people , and better , efficient and cheaper cab services , to people “ , said Gadkari

The Minister said people will have many options to choose based on the most economic operator

Shri Gadkariji seems to be telling the Un-Employed of India :

“ Government cannot provide employment to 12 million persons , every year , but here is your chance to get Self – Employed

Government’s job is to facilitate people to get into business , for themselves 


Congratulations , Shri Gadkariji :

For taking this  FIRST STEP  which will  UNIFY  the vehicle owners

I have no doubt , your  TRANSPORT  MASTER  PLAN , comprises of the following steps as well

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