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27 June 2013

Monday, 5 September 2016

Advantage , Incumbent ?

Yesterday , Shri Akhilesh Yadav ( CM - UP ) offered FREE smart phones to citizens of UP , if Samajwadi Party gets voted to power , in the forthcoming State elections

Anyone who is over 18 and lives in Uttar Pradesh can apply for a phone - online - provided their family income is less than 2 lakh rupees a year. The online registrations are likely to start in a month.

At a recent function, the Chief Minister had hinted at the scheme, saying ,

" Samajwadis will think of something which we can give to next generation or something through which they can get more information about the government and share their expectations. The cities are becoming smart and through mobile applications people are getting information."

Apparently , Shri Akhilesh is smarter than the smart phones !

He knows that one party after another , has won State Elections in the past 5 years , by promising freebies to voters . That includes his own so gratifying experience of winning the last election by promising FREE laptops !

That takes us back to the Election Commission Guidelines re " Promising of Freebies " by political parties

On 22 Feb 2014 , following Supreme Court directives , the Election Commission , revised , " Model Code of Conduct " , containing guidelines on what kind of poll promises , political parties can incorporate in their poll manifestos


*   Parties shall make only those promises which are possible to be fulfilled

*   It is expected that manifestos also reflect the rationale for the promises
     and broadly indicate the ways and means to meet the financial

    requirements for it

*   Party in power shall stop advertizing for publicity of achievements

For Akhileshji , there is no problem satisfying these guidelines !

With the bargaining power for  10 crore  phones , he can just insist that Reliance Jio  :

#  Drop the price of its cheapest LYF phone to Rs 1,000 each

    That would cost the UP Exchequer , Rs 10,000 Cr , which UP govt will easily recover within one year , from the

mobile advts that thousands of E-Commerce Companies would be too happy to flash on the pre-installed Mobile

App , " I SIN><U SIN " ( described below in my earlier blog dt 29 Dec 2012 )

#  Develop this mobile app ( of course , FREE ) and pre-install it before delivery of the phones

Then tell the Election Commission ( and the Supreme Court , if required ) :

"  Our FREE distribution of Smart phones , will usher a REVOLUTION in the matter of E-GOVERNANCE "

If they get to read this blog / email , I would not be surprised if some or other , political party makes a similar promise for the forthcoming elections in Punjab !


Saturday, 29 December 2012



I  SIN  > <  U  SIN

That could be the name of an android app ( I Seek It Now > < U Solve It Now )

To be developed by India’s Central Home Ministry for successful implementation of proposed,

Delivery  of  Services  Act

The app will come pre-installed on those mobile phones which Government of India plans to distribute FREE , to some 400 million “ Poor People “ of India , before the 2014 National Election ( and on those 220 million Aakash Tablets )

Issuer will enter the Mobile No and that person’s Aadhar Card No, in a computerized central database , before issuing the phone

Hence , no need to login to the App , whose screen will read,

 I wish to send my complaint to the following department :

·                  National Commission for Women

·                  Garbage Clearance

·                  Water Supply

·                  Electricity Supply

·                  Roads Repair

·                  Rationing ( Food Distribution )

·                  Police

·                  Bus Transport

·                  Railways

·                  Post

·                  Employment

·                  Education

·                  Irrigation

·                  Building Permits

·                  Revenue / Land Records

·                  Anti Corruption

·                  Other ……………………………………….etc
(List should not exceed 50)

Touching name of any department name will open a SMS message box where the user will type out his complaint ( in a language of his choice )

There will be option to speak-out and record voice message , for illiterate users

Touching SEND button will transmit the complaint and within minutes, user will receive SMS reply , giving,

·                  Name of Officer responsible

·                  Office Landline No

·                  Mobile No

·                  Email Id

·                  Complaint No

·                  Expected date of solving

Bingo !

Then publish online , a tabulation of departments , arranged in the descending order of the no of complaints received / cleared / pending!

This frugal innovation will bring in Good Governance all over India

Request Nandan Nilekani / Sam Pitroda to help out , even though they may be busy implementing my earlier suggested app , 


I have no doubt that the political party which promises , “ I SIN >< U SIN “ ,  will get voted to power in 2014


06  Sept  2016

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