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A team of German scientists have developed a device to convert Solar Energy into Hydrogen gas ( a cheap / abundant / clean fuel ), through electrolysis of water

Following are the details :

" This is one of the big advantages of the new design, which enables the two main components to be optimized separately: the photovoltaic part that produces electricity from solar energy and the electrochemical part that uses this electricity for water splitting.

The J├╝lich researchers have patented this concept, which can be flexibly applied for all types of thin-film photovoltaic technology and for various types of electrolyser.

" For the first time, we are working towards a market launch", says Becker. " We have created the basis to make this reality."

More information: Bugra Turan et al, Upscaling of integrated photoelectrochemical water-splitting devices to large areas, Nature Communications (2016). DOI: 10.1038/NCOMMS12681 
Journal reference: Nature Communications search and more info Provided by: Forschungszentrum Juelich search and more info



    As it is , Shri Piyush Goyal ( Minister for Energy ) is pushing for achieving 100 GW of Solar Power generation ,  
    by 2022 . Most of this will get fed into the State / National Grid but quite a lot will need highly efficient / high
    power storage density , LOCAL storage devices ( Batteries ) , which are still a far cry

    The SYSTEM developed by Julich researchers , could solve this problem


    All over India , rooftop Solar Water Heaters  are getting installed . These can be modified to produce Hydrogen
    gas , for use as a clean / non-polluting fuel for KITCHEN Stoves ! This could spell an end to burning of WOOD in
    " Chulhas " in our villages , improving the health of village women and saving of jungles


A couple of months back, Shri Piyush Goyal announced intention to replace India's current petrol / diesel vehicles with Electric vehicles , by 2030

Now , consider this :

*   India boasts of 200 million vehicles today ( all Petrol / Diesel driven )

*   We add some 10 million new vehicles each year

*   Road Transport Ministry proposes to remove from the roads, some 28 million vehicles which are 10 year old

*  In past 3 years  ( 2012-13 to 2015-16 ) , the total number of vehicles on Indian roads has gone up

    from 172 million to 186 million ( some 4.5 million per year ! )

*  There are just NO charging stations for Electric Cars ! And without which , no car manufacturer will go whole-

    hog into manufacture of Electric Vehicles ( who will buy , if he cannot re-charge in 5 minutes ? )

    And no one is coming forward to set up such Electric Charging Stations , if he gets 3 cars per day to charge !

   A classical " Chicken First or Egg First ? " situation !

But most Petrol Station owners would be happy to install a Julich Device on the rooftop of his station , if it sells

for less than Rs 5 lakhs ! That would enable him to " recharge " hydrogen fuel driven vehicles , while continuing to

service Petrol / Diesel vehicles !  Of course , he has no shortage of water !

This arrangement can permit a gradual change-over from Petrol / Diesel driven vehicles to non-polluting Hydrogen-

Fuel driven vehicles , since switch-over to a Hydrogen-Fuel Combustion Engine is much easier for Vehicle

Manufacturers  as compared to changing over to Electric Vehicles

I hope either Shri Gadkari or Shri Goyal will send an email to Julich researcher , Becker , inviting him to set up his

first manufacturing facility in India

He would , if the " Invite " is accompanied by a promise to exempt this company from Corporate Income Tax for

the next 10 years  !

And no need to be apologetic for an honest decision taken in the sole interest of the country - media attacks notwithstanding  !


14  Sept  2016

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