Friday, 9 September 2016

Simultaneous Elections ? What do YOU think ?

Dear Fellow-Citizens :

As per Economic Times ( 08 Sept 2016 ) , the Centre has sought comments from the Public, including MPs and MLAs , on the feasibility of holding simultaneous polls for Lok Sabha and ALL the State Assemblies

Not only it is feasible , it is highly desirable

To know what are its benefits and how easily it can be implemented , read :

{  }

Then send this link to the Policy Makers ( Ministers / Secretaries in the Central Government ) ,whose email IDs are given below . Do add your own suggestions !

And do encourage your Friends / Contacts etc to send in their own comments , by sending this link to them and requesting them to request their friends to do likewise !

It is time for YOU to speak up - and demand that YOU are heard

with regards,

hemen parekh / / 10  Sept  2016


 (  Just multiple copy all the following Email IDs into the Recipient column of your Outlook and Copy / paste this suggestion in the Message Box ) :;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;   

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