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27 June 2013

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Let ATC outnumber ATM

Business Standard ( 07 Sept 2016 ) , carries a news report titled :

" Supreme Court asks states, UTs to upload FIRs on websites within 24 hours "

Details read as follows :

" The Supreme Court on Wednesday directed all States and Union Territories to upload the FIRs on their websites within 24 hours of registration at police stations.

A bench comprising Justices Dipak Misra and C Nagappan, however, extended the time up to 72 hours for uploading of the FIRs for those states which are located in difficult terrains where internet connectivity is poor.

The bench also made it clear that the accused cannot take benefit before the courts of law of the fact that FIRs lodged against them have not been uploaded on the website.

Initially, it was suggested during the hearing that the states be allowed to upload FIRs on websites within 48 hours. However, the court later fixed the time limit at 24 hours.

The PIL referred to a decision passed by the Delhi High Court in which the city police was directed to upload the FIRs on its website within 24 hours of being registered.

The apex court agreed to the directions of the HC with certain modifications. "

Hardly a flattering picture of India going Digital  !

Anyone who has ever visited a Police Station to lodge a FIR , knows that a police clerk will pull out some paper ( may be by now , it is a Register ) and start writing with a pen , as being dictated by a police officer on duty , who dictates as he listens to the complainant

What is important to remember at this stage is :

Those words are not exactly what the complainant utters !  What gets " written " , is what gets paraphrased by the police officer  !

Often , totally distorting the meaning / essence of the complaint  !

And finally , the complainant is literally " coerced " into signing that FIR ( don't ask to read it before signing ! )

This does not happen only with illiterate villagers but even with educated city-folks !

Why could not the Supreme Court direct that :

#   Police Station Computers must be internet connected

#   Computer must be permanently logged into the official web site of the State Police Department

#   Like an ATM enclosure at all bank branches , that computer must be directly accessible to the complainant from

     an outside separate entrance , obviating need to talk to a  police officer ( call it ATC = Any Time Complaint ? )

     Other than the web site of the State Police department , no other web site can be accessed from this special

     purpose machine ( ATC ) , which will be equipped with Bio-Metric Reading device

     For enabling universal / immediate / easy access , NDA government should also install these ATC , at

     *    145,000 post offices of India Post

     *    220,000 offices of Gram Panchayats

#   From an ATC, complainant can enter his complaint on his own, into the Police department web site , by


     *  Full personal details , and

     *  Aadhar ID

     The Biometric Reading Device , built into the computer will compare the complainant's bio-metric data with the

     bio-metric data already available in the Aadhar ID database

     If the two sets of data do not match , complaint will not get accepted / registered

     This ( matching of bio-metric data ) , will also prevent " Proxy " complaints

     It will also enable the Police department to catch a person lodging a " False / Malicious / Harassing " complaint 


#   It should be possible to enter the complaint , using a language of choice of the complainant

#   Using built-in Speech Recognition software ( such as SIRI / CORTANA / GOOGLE-SPEAK / DRAGON NATURALLY
     SPEAKING , etc ) , complaint can even " record " his complaint , if he cannot type

#   As soon as complainant finishes and SUBMITS the complaint , Complaint Number will flash on the screen ,

     using which , the complainant can track the progress of his complaint over time , by logging into the web site


Now it is entirely possible that some State Governments want to make it even " Easier to Do Business " with their Police Department , by introducing my suggested Mobile App ,

{  http://www.hemenparekh.in/2013/08/i-sin-sin-that-could-be-name-of-android.html#.V9Dxxvl94ok  }

Such a miniaturized / hand-held / complainant-owned ATC , would be a much BETTER  /  FASTER  /  CHEAPER

method , needing no investment on part of the government !

And those FIRs will get uploaded on Police web site in 24 MINUTES  !


09  Sept  2016

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