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27 June 2013

Saturday, 25 March 2017

A “ Not – so - Supreme “ Court ?

Mint ( 21 March 2017 ) carries following news report :

“ EC for special courts to deal with criminal cases against Lawmakers “

The Election Commission (EC) told the Supreme Court on Monday that it is in favour of setting up special courts to deal with criminal cases against lawmakers.

The EC also enclosed a copy of a letter written by the chief election commissioner to the law minister in December 2015 urging proposed by the EC, Law Commission and National Commission to Review the Working of the Constitution on electoral reforms.

“If this is put in place it is expected to expedite cases of elected representatives whether they are to be found guilty or not.

The EC also told the court that it has submitted detailed proposals on decriminalization of politics, prohibition of paid news, and election expenditure.

The Centre is yet to file its response in the case.

“Ultimately such electoral reforms rest with the political class. A number of recommendations are made by the judiciary and the EC but if there is no political will, it will not happen,” Chhokar added.

So very true , Mr Chhokar

There is no political will ; and , there will never be , considering that some 33 % of ALL MPs and State MLAs , have criminal cases pending against them !

If they were to pass those Electoral Reforms , it would amount to passing a “ Death Sentence “ against themselves ! – apart from the fact that there will be a “ By Election “ every single day of the year , with 365 MPs / MLAs getting jail terms of more than 3 years !

One can only hope that our Supreme Court has powers to set up those “ Special Courts “ , without having to get permission / approval of the Lok Sabha !

And, if yes , a hope that it has the courage to do so !

But I suppose , corrupt / criminal politicians know too well that they will continue to get elected , since :

·         They can just change the Constitution, to render the Supreme Court powerless

·         In a poor country like India , ignorant voters can be always “ purchased “ !

     26  March  2017