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27 June 2013

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Time to Fulfil Your Promise

Dear Captain Amrinder Singhji :

At the outset , congratulations on winning the election and wishing you , a very happy birthday !

Since yesterday morning , TV Panel Experts and analysts are vying with one another to advance their arguments regarding what made you win

It is a pity that not one of them has even remotely suggested that it was your promise for making the Punjab Youth , “ drug free

And , if they do , reward them with jobs !


To ensure that only those Punjab Youth who comply with the condition of remaining “ drug free “ , retain their jobs , I request you to consider the following blog that I sent to you , on 25th Dec 2016

And when the Congress bigwigs meet for a critical “ Self Analysis / Soul Searching “ later today , do not hesitate to brag about your “ Winning Formula “ !

Sunday, 25 December 2016

A Freebie that cannot be Faulted  ?

Captain Amrinder Singh ( Punjab Congress ) has promised jobs ( of course, if voted to power in the forthcoming State Election ) , to youth who pledge as follows :

" I promise I will remain free from drugs and make my family drug free too "

By now, some 12 lakh youngsters have signed up

Expect this figure to go up dramatically, considering that , a few weeks back , some 30 lakh youngsters ( 20 % girls ) had signed up to receive a FREE smart phone from  Captain ( " if voted to power " conditions apply )

In Punjab , there are 91 lakh youngsters in the age group of 18 - 35

And a smart phone could well cost Rs 5,000 each

That would cost the Congress Government ( if voted to power ), Rs 4550 crores !

Election Commission " guide lines "  and Supreme Court  " directives " notwithstanding , all political parties have in the past, offered ( and often delivered ) a whole host of " freebies " in order to " buy " votes

Aam  Aadmi  Party ( AAP ) has promised jobs ( if voted to power ) , to 25 lakh Punjab youth

Without asking them to kick the drug habit !


What could be more " noble " than to wean away the Punjab youth from drugs ?

And keep them gainfully / productively engaged in a nation-building activity by having a job and supporting their families ?

I suggest that Captain implement the following as far as ensuring that these 91 lakh youth stay " drug free " after getting a job :

*  As promised , distribute smart phones which are UPI / AEPS enabled Payment Wallets

*  Those smart phones must have  built-in

    *  " Drug Analyzer " ( similar to Oxymeters , which display oxygen level in blood when
         a finger is placed on the device )

    *   Biometric reading device ( Iris and Finger scan )

    *   Pre-installed Mobile App " DrugFree "

    I have no doubt that leading smart phone manufacturers will come forward with such
    versions , considering the volumes involved and the possibility that the other political
    parties , too , may make similar conditional " Job Promises " in near future !

*  Every morning , as soon as the Youth reports for work , he will launch " DrugFree "app on his mobile, and place his finger on App icon, in the presence of his immediate supervisor

*  Phone will display / record the drug level reading and also relay it simultaneously to the Server of the Salary Section ( including the time for attendance recording  )

*  This exercise will be repeated in the evening when that Youth leaves for home

*  No salary will be paid for the day on which drug reading exceeds permissible limit

    This will be done automatically by the Server-based software ( very simple coding )

*  If drug reading exceeds the permissible limits , more than 3 times in a month , the
  Server-based software will automatically issue a " Warning Email " ( keep humans out )

*  Upon issuance of 3 such " Warning E mails " , the Server-based software will issue a
    " Termination E Mail " , terminating the services of the Youth and simultaneously
    instructing the Salary Section to settle his account and issue a " Service Certificate "
    which will mention full Service History

But developing / implementing a fool-proof technological solution ( to determine drug free status of the Youth ) , is the least of the problems

Any number of Start Up in the Health Care domain, will do it in 3 months ! Just ask Practo !

The real problem is :


The worst thing would be to create vacancies in Government , which will bring governance to a complete halt and sky-rocket the Corruption ! Don't even think of this !

Sure , new industries can be incentivized to hire a few lakh, by offering free land , exemption from Municipal / State taxes for 5 years , exemption from certain Labour Laws, stipend subsidies if 70% employees are " DrugFree " youth , etc

Even existing industries ( especially , MSME ) can be incentivized by reimbursement of 50 % salaries for 5 years for employing such Youth

But none of these measures can take care of Captain's promise to 91 lakh Youth !

I suggest Captain Amrinder Singhji , to look up my following suggestion for an alternative of


   {  http://myblogepage.blogspot.in/2016/05/rejoice-you-self-employed.html  }

   {  http://myblogepage.blogspot.in/2016/10/how-about-virtual-call-centers.html  }

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  {  http://myblogepage.blogspot.in/2015/02/create-self-employment.html }

  {  http://myblogepage.blogspot.in/2012/01/it-pays-to-be-entrepreneur.html  }

Dear Captain Amrinder Singhji :

Having made a very noble gesture to the voters , please ensure a FAIR & JUST implementation !

I hope Shri Prakash Javadekarji / Shri Amit Shahji , find merit in this suggestion for other forthcoming elections in States

12  March  2017