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27 June 2013

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Piyush Goyal is a Visionary !

He has a vision of ,

Unlimited / Cheap / Clean / Round- the-Clock , electric  power to fuel India’s growth , which , in turn will create millions of jobs

To know how he plans to bring this about , read :

As if to vindicate his vision , German-Dutch company TenneT and Danish company Energinet , are planning to generate Solar and Wind power on an artificial island in the North Sea and supply the same to UK / Norway / the Netherlands / Germany / Denmark and Belgium

Times of India ( 19 March 2017 ) carries following news report re this venture :

Artificial island to power six countries 

A vast artificial island is to be built at Dogger Bank in the North Sea, complete with a harbour, airstrip and homes, to help provide a vast new supply of renewable energy , under plans drawn up by two companies with the blessing of the European Union.

The North Sea Wind Power Hub would act as a hub for offshore wind turbines and a new place to put solar panels, according to the German and Dutch arms of electricity firm TenneT and Danish company Energinet.

The firms will sign a deal creating a consortium to develop the plan further in Brussels on 23 March in the presence of European Energy Union Commissioner, Maos Sefcovic..

Torben Glar Nielsen, Energinet's Danish technical director, said: “Maybe it sounds a bit crazy and science fiction-like, but an island on Dogger Bank could make the wind power of the future a lot cheaper and more effective.“

It is thought the island ­ or possibly islands ­ could act as a hub for thousands of new wind turbines, which would eventually generate green electricity for more than 80 million people.

Under the proposals, the island would be connected by electricity cables to the UK, Norway, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Belgium.

Mel Kroon, TenneT's chief executive, said:

“ This project can significantly contribute to a completely renewable supply of electricity in north-west Europe “.

 In a statement, Energinet said European targets to reduce carbon dioxide emissions meant that major new sources of solar and wind energy were required.

“ Wind and solar energy complement each other: there is more sun from spring to autumn, and more wind in the colder and darker months of the year,“ it said.

“So a sustainable and stable energy system for the future will need solar and wind energy , both on a large scale. This requires optimum cooperation and synergy because it cannot be accomplished by individual member states on their own.“

The company said Dogger Bank was an ideal location for an artificial island as it was “centrally located and in relatively shallow water“ and also had optimal wind conditions.

“ Staff, components and assembly workshops can be stationed on the island, thus optimising and simplifying complex offshore logistics,“ it said.

“ An island in an area with a lot of space will provide the scale necessary to reduce costs (through economies of scale).“

Dear Piyush Goyalji :

Please expedite your approval of the proposal submitted by the Power Grid Corporation of India , to generate 315.7 GW of Solar power in the deserts of Rajasthan / Kutchh / Lahul and Spiti / Ladakh

Make a beginning with 10 GW  

That will enable you to provide power to homes / offices and factories all over India at Rs 1.0 per Kwh !

Then challenge Elon Musk , to set up 100 BATTERY STORAGE SYSTEMS ( of 100 MW each ) all over India , using his POWERPACK batteries , the way he plans to do in Australia

And, do it  FREE  ( in his own , long term interest , of course ! )

Tell him :

Unless you install these BATTERY STORAGE SYSTEMS in 100 Indian cities to supply uninterrupted power to 5,000 EV Charging Stations , you will not be able to sell those ONE MILLION electric cars that Masayoshi Son wants to buy from you in the next 5 years ( read following news report of 03 Dec 2016 ) , nor replace those 6 million petrol / diesel cars that India wants replaced by 2020 , with your Tesla Model 3


SoftBank Group chairman Masayoshi Son said on Friday that Indian cab-hailing company Ola, in which SoftBank is an investor, may introduce a fleet of one million electric cars in partnership with an electric vehicle maker and the government—a move that could transform the electric mobility sector in the country.

Son said he was bullish on the electric vehicle segment in India and would look at investment opportunities in this space. The vehicles will be locally manufactured to support the government’s ‘Make in India’ campaign, he added.

I think this will be the biggest initiative for electric vehicles in India,” Son, who attended the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit, said in an interview on Friday.

Son, 59, also met Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the day and proposed to partner with the government in the initiative.

 “He was excited about it,” said Son, who wants to reach the one million electric cars target in the next five years.

20  March  2017