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27 June 2013

Saturday, 18 March 2017

YOGI ! A Method behind Madness ?

Yesterday , BJP’s MLAs of UP selected Shri Yogi Adityanath , as their leader , paving the way for him to take over as UP Chief Minister , today afternoon

{ It would be closer to the truth to say : they endorsed the selection of Shri Modi  !  )

During the hectic parleys of the past week , Yogi was hardly considered as a potential CM candidate

What made him come up from the rear and overtake the likes of Rajnath Singh , Uma Bharati , Keshav Maurya and Manoj Sinha ?

A Dark horse , indeed  !

Over the next few hours , political pundits / analysts / TV anchors etc will be advancing the following “ reasons “ behind his “ coup “ :

·         He is close to RSS and Shri Modi wants to please RSS / thank them for the UP win

·         He is most charismatic Hindu leader among the BJP cadre in UP

·         He is non-corrupt

·         Modiji wants to send a clear message of his unwavering commitment to Hindutva

·         Yogi will expedite the construction of Ram Mandir

By end of today , we will have the full list !

No doubt , there will be many experts who will not hesitate to declare this selection of Shri Modi , as nothing more than madness !

They may even wonder : “ Why does BJP want to alienate itself from those 19 % of UP’s Muslim voters , and commit a political hara-kiri ? “

But , I see ( in this selection ) , a “ Motive behind Madness

Feel free to call it , a “ Modi behind Madness

Same “ Madness “ ( as per many prominent economists and leaders of opposition parties ) , that Shri Modi displayed while announcing “ De-monetization “ on 08 Nov

According to my wishful thinking , that Modi-Motive can be best described in the form of the following ( imaginary , no doubt ! ), Modi’s “ VISION of NEW INDIA “, viz :


To achieve this vision , here are the COMMANDMENTS that Shri Modi has handed out to Yogi Adityanath :

·         Thou shall rise above religious bigotry and treat all religions with same respect ( just as Bapu himself changed his attitude from “ Sarva-Dharma-Sahishnuta / Tolerance for all religions “ , to “ Sarva-Dharma-SamaBhava / Respect for all religions “ )

·         Thou shall ensure EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES for DEVELOPMENT / ADVANCEMENT to persons belonging to ALL religions

·         Thou shall not discriminate based on Caste / Creed , nor on the eating habits of people belonging to different “ Belief – Systems “

·         Thou SHALL discriminate , only on the basis of  POVERTY and ensure that the POOR are favoured over the RICH , while offering any opportunity

·         During the next 2 years , thou shall bring about such a harmonious relations between the Hindus and Muslims of UP that these become a BENCHMARK for the rest of India and render “ irrelevant “ those oppositions parties which claim to be “ Secular “ but have done nothing to uplift the poor minorities and only perpetuated the “ Concept of Minorities “ with the sole purpose of winning votes

·         To implement all of the above , thou shall make a beginning by reaching out to the leaders of both the Hindu and the Muslim of UP , and convince them to, agree to implement :

Reach  Out  Time  ?  (  20  Sept  2013  )

Do the opposition parties recognize this MANDATE ( to Shri Yogi Adityanath ) as that much talked about question :

“ After winning 4 State elections , what BIG BANG REFORM will Shri Modi announce ? “

19  March  2017