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27 June 2013

Friday, 3 March 2017

Wormholes Across the World ?

Can Indian businesses / industries / Start Ups , create Wormholes across the World ?

Although  , at 22 million , Indians constitute the largest diaspora in the World , it is getting difficult by the day , even for the skilled Indian Professionals to travel to other countries , in search of jobs / work

All over the World , job opportunities are shrinking . Robots are replacing workers – even knowledge workers

In each country, local citizens are resenting foreign nationals eating up their jobs

Soon enough , they will prevail upon their political leaders to pass laws that will prohibit foreigners from working in their countries

These forces are far more vocal and powerful than Donald Trump , who wants to cut back on H1B visas !

How can India prepare for such an “ Isolationist “ world ?

In  my following blogs , I have talked about  such ways :

·         Back Factory of the World ?

Following news appearing in MINT ( 03 March 2017 ) confirms my belief :

Forget email, Slack and the humble telephone.
When workers at one Australian company want to talk to colleagues in China, they just turn their heads and look down the "wormhole".

Large screens at the end of each row of desks offer a digital window between offices in Melbourne and Xi'an—7,000 kilometers apart—at real-estate company REA Group Ltd.

“You really do feel you are looking through a window,” said Nigel Dalton, chief inventor for REA
"Email is not an efficient mode of communication and nor is it very humanistic. ”

The always-on video conference, also known as a wormhole or portal, is part of an evolution in office design with efficiency in mind.

Other innovations soon to be seen at an office near you include augmented reality office spaces, real-time translation tools and super-fast 5G internet, which should allow many workers more flexibility to work remotely.

The wormholes help colleagues communicate and get to know each other

But when you think you’re the last one left in the office, someone could still be “there,” in virtual form.

Seeing things: Augmented reality
Virtual- or augmented-reality headsets aren't just for gamers, Minnett says. They could actually be used at work.
A device, like Google Glass or Microsoft’s HoloLens headset, could overlay digital images onto the real world.

Speak to me: Real-time translation
Here’s one that isn’t ready for prime-time just yet: real-time language translation for video conferencing. While advances are being made, the technology to converse smoothly with a non-native speaker remains elusive for now, REA’s Dalton said. “That will change the world,” he said.

Faster than a speeding bullet: 5G
The next evolution of mobile networks, known as 5G, is expected to roll out in the next few years and could do much more than just make it easier to work from home.
AT&T’s chief strategy officer John Donovan says the technology will open the doors to “new experiences in virtual reality, self-driving cars, robotics, smart cities, health care and so much more.”

03  March  2017