Friday, 17 March 2017


Bahen Mayawatiji / Bhai Kejriwalji :

It is understandable that you suspect tempering of EVMs which , you believe , caused you to lose recent elections

But Shri Zaidi , Election Commissioner says :


EVM are tamperproof . Baseless , speculative and wild allegations are being made which deserve to be rejected .

We have complete faith in EVMs , which we have successfully used in 107 assembly and three national elections, since 2000

We already have 55 lakh VVPAT-enabled ( Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail ) EVMs and requesting government for release of Rs 3,174 Crore for buying another 15.5 lakh , which would require 30 months to be manufactured and procured

Your ( political parties’ ) representatives remain present, during following checks of EVMs :

·          First Level Check [ Months before polling ]

Determines the proper functioning of EVMs . Party reps are present for this exercise

·          Second Check [ after final candidate lists are out – 13 days before polling ]

EVMs are again tested in the presence of candidates / party agent, who sign a certificate that EVMS are in order

·          Before despatch to Booths

EVMs are paper-sealed with a unique security number . Once it’s on the machine, every candidate / representative has to sign on the seal

·          Mock Poll

Before actual voting , to check if buttons are rigged / malfunctioning

On top of all these precautions , there is this RANDOMISED SELECTION by computer to determine which EVMs will be sent to which constituency !


Bahenji / Bhaiji ,

Let not all of this “ defence “ of EVMs, discourage you from sending following email to EC  :


Dear Shri Zaidi ,

 We just cannot trust those 5.5 million ( 55 lakh ) GOVERNMENT-OWNED / CONTROLLED , EVMs

We want all voters ( approx. 814 million ) , to bring to the polling booth , their OWN / PERSONAL / MINIATURE EVMs , shrunk to the size of a MOBILE SMART PHONE

And we want them to cast their vote , using mobile app :

Do you know what happened in 2014 ?

As per news-reports , in Mumbai alone , some 50,000 people returned home without casting their votes - including Deepak Parekh ! Altogether , names of some 15 lakh voters ( out of a total of 98 lakh ) were missing  !

To ensure that such “ Gol-Maal “ never happens again , we are demanding

·          Immediate implementation of,

            Honey !  I shrunk the EVM  

·          One Day Polling 


Bahenji / Bhaiji ,

Let me assure you of the following things :

·          If you mark a copy of your email to Shri Narendra Modiji , he will immediately support your demand and may even offer to join you in a “ Dharna “ in front of the Nirvachan Ayog Bhavan

·          Marking copies to all political parties will galvanize them into forming a “ Maha Gath Bandhan “ , which will quickly develop a strategy to win the 2019 National Elections by waging Election Campaign through launch of its own mobile app SAVE ( Smart App for Voter Education ) , before the 2018 State Elections

17  March  2017

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