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27 June 2013

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Poverty Alleviation – the Chinese Way

During and after recent Union Budget , there has been a lot of public debate re desirability of introducing UBI ( Universal Basic Income )

A monthly guaranteed income of Rs 5000 to the poor families was being talked about

Idea is to enable our poorest to “ eke out a minimal existence “

Whereas there can be no quarrel re need to provide succour to our poor , I believe , this might lead to the development of a “ Dependency Culture “ ! – for everything , people looking up to the “ Sarkar Maa Baap “ !

In this background , following news report ( Times of India / 26 Feb 2017 ) , makes interesting reading :



“ Over 7 lakh people in China’s southwest Guizhou province will be relocated this year at a cost of $ 6.6 billion as a POVERTY ALLEVIATION measure

A total of 1.81 lakh families will be moved from remote inhospitable areas in the hope of providing them a better life in the province which is one of the most impoverished provinces in the country

Over 3,600 villages will be moved , accounting for about 30 % of those to be relocated

China plans to lift 10 million people above poverty line this year “

The report does not say whether the Chinese Government will provide “ jobs “ to these people

But ,

They will need to be housed ( even if in 250 sq ft flats )

And they will need schools / hospitals / roads / electricity / gas / public transport / garbage clearance / water / telecommunication / markets and a hundred other amenities

And constructing / providing all of this “ Infrastructure “  facilities would create “ jobs “ !

Enough jobs for each adult family member getting displaced !

So , by spending $ 6.6 billion ( approx. Rs 46,000 crore ) , China is ,

·         Creating lakhs of jobs

·         Alleviating Poverty without handing out a “ dole “

Shri Vankaiah Naidu , might want to visit Guizhou province of China to assess if this Chinese Model would work for us

03  March  2017