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27 June 2013

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Career Profile using www.IndiaRecruiter.net

Dear HR Manager / Headhunter / Recruitment Consultant :

One recent survey showed that nearly 25%of the resumes are faked / fudged.

Some blatantly, some in a subtle manner. 

In most cases , such misinformation related to past / current work experience

 ( Employers - Position / Designation - years worked - salary drawn etc ).

Now he is a rare candidate who organizes his "Career History" in an easy - to read tabulation , in a reverse chronological order , with current job , right at the top. 

And even that rare jobseeker's resume does not voluntarily answer , your following questions :

What is his total experience ?

Does this match with the experience required for our position/vacancy ?

During this “total experience”, how many jobs has he changed  ?

Does he seem to be a “ job-jumper ”  ?

Does he seem to have stuck to the same organization for a long time ?

 What could be the reason ?

Does he seem to have stuck at the same “Designation – Level “ for a long time ?

Was he “un-promotable” ?

He seems to have got very frequent promotions /salary-raise.

Does he come through as a “Fast Track” candidate?

Given his “Average/Longest/Minimum” tenure with the companies where he worked, how long can we expect him to stay with us  ?

He is in his current job for less than a year. 

Why is he keen to quit within such a short period ?

Is he plateauing ? i.e. rose very rapidly in early years but now seems to have slowed down.

In terms of the size / turnover / reputation of the companies where he has worked, does he seem to have steadily “progressed” ? 

Are there any reversals ?

i.e. leaving a large / organized company to join a small / family owned company.

Has he spent his entire career in one city or is he mobile ?

Does his “Total Years of Experience” tally with his current age  ? 

If not, does he seem to have “inflated” his experience  ?

 Or, he should have got 20 years of experience by now, but graph shows only 12 years ! 

Has he failed to “list” some “unfavorable” tenures ?


where his services were terminated or where the service was “temporary/contractual” ?

Did any of the companies that he worked for, belong to his father / relative ?

 If so, what was his designation / salary during such tenure ?

Was that commensurate with his qualifications / experience ?

During his career, were there any periods of “self-employment” ?

If so, has he listed those in his “Career History” section ? 

What factors made him “ start / give-up ” such self employment ?

Not only Career Profile answer those questions ( or , at least raise those questions ), it does it graphically !

-Shubhangi / www.IndiaRecruiter.net

Career profile graph