Thursday, 28 April 2016

How to Stop the Start Ups

Three examples come to my mind :

*  Delhi Government banned Uber and Ola , because they did not have some
    permission ( or , maybe they were resorting to Surge Pricing - something
    which Airlines have been doing for years with impunity )

*  In Bangalore, the local transport authorities stopped some entrepreneurs
    to start the service of Motorbike Taxies ( Goa has it for decades ! )

*   In Mumbai , local transport authorities stopped APP-based private buses
    which had permits to ferry passengers only from point A to point B , without
    stopping en route to pick up other passengers ( How come school buses
    are permitted to stop every 100 meters to pick up children ? What is the
    big deal ? )

All of these makes me worry about the spirit of  Make In India !

I am not saying that , in the name of encouraging Entrepreneurship , we
should give a free rein to anyone to engage in a service where lives of
 passengers are at stake

All I am saying is :

Frame some minimum simple rules / regulations to govern such services
All entrants must comply with these rules

But let innovation and imagination flourish

Don't discourage young person to become " Self Employed "

That was exactly what Shri Nitin Gadkariji did about a year back when , all of a sudden , somebody in Delhi decided that electrically ( battery ) driven rickshaws are not rickshaws !

May be , when Motor Vehicle Act was passed decades ago , no one envisaged a battery driven vehicle !

So , what do we do ?

Instead of amending that Act , just stop the  PROGRESS  ?

But Gadkariji is not only a very practical person , he is also a visionary

So , he told the babus to amend the rules and enabled eco-friendly rickshaws to ply

Dear Transport Commissioners :

I am not asking you to close your eyes , nor to bend the rules

My only request is : Wherever needed , frame new rules - and quickly too

And if required ( based on experimentation ), change rules with time

When it comes to encouraging ENTREPRENEURSHIP / SELF - EMPLOYMENT , I hope you will be the god-fathers of India's youth

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28  April  2016


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