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Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.

There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"

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27 June 2013

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Salary Profile using www.IndiaRecruiter.net

Dear HR Manager / Headhunter / Recruitment  Consultant :

You rarely come across a resume in which a jobseeker mentions his current salary / compensation.

But  current salary is an  important criteria , when you are wondering ,

" Shall we call this candidate for an interview ? "

Especially so, when that candidate's resume/profile is quite impressive in terms of his ,

*   Age

*   Education

*   Experience

*   Functional Exposure 

*   Industry Background 

*   Skills

*   Previous / Current Employers

*   Current Designation Level 

*   Title - Job Profile" etc.

Even if the candidate's resume seems impressive , you don't want to call him for an interview , only to discover that his current salary is already 50% higher than what you were prepared to offer ! 

You cannot afford to upset the apple cart (of your existing , equally competent employees ) and trigger an exodus ! 

One more reason , why you should insist on "Salary Profile" !

- Shubhangi /  www.IndiaRecruiter.net

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