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27 June 2013

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Function Profile using www.IndiaRecruiter.net

Dear  HR Manager / Headhunter / Recruitment  Consultant :

When you post a job advertisement (on any job site / job portal ), you type in a long list of keywords which you expect to find in your ideal candidate's resume. 

These keywords signify that ideal job-seeker's ,

-   Knowledge
-   Skills
-   Expertise
-   Function

-   Role

-   Experience

-   Strengths

-   Talent
-   Integrity

-   Education

-   Competence
-   Attitude

-   Attribute

-   Understanding

-   Wisdom

-   Potential

-   Values
-   Abilities
-   Concepts
-   Philosophy
-   Learning ,   etc.

These run into thousands. You are unlikely to remember more than a few.

Even less likely to recall  these (few) while reading a resume.

Of course it is a different matter that " Ideal candidates " just don't exist. (- and if they do, they are on lookout for " Ideal Employer" ! ).

But our software not only remembers all of these thousands of keywords , it

Searches / finds / highlights those keywords ( Function / Skill wise)

Assigns each of those keywords , a dynamically changing "Weightage"

based on its "context - significance - relevance".

Computes that resume's "Raw Score" and "Percentile Score" among co-professionals.

Plots a "Frequency Distribution Graph"( separately for each  Function / Skill ) and displays the relative standing / rank of that candidate.

Generate a "Function / Skill" profile.

And how does this help you?

No need for you to remember / recall / type-in those keywords , while "Posting job Advt" or conducting"Resume search".

No need to search those keywords in resumes (gets highlighted in red automatically).

Enables you to quickly zero-in on the best candidates, saving you a lot of  precious time.

You can compare the candidates and can quickly decide whom to call for interview.

Enable you to make your recruitment / hiring decisions based on "Business Intelligence / Personnel Analytics / Statistics".

- Shubhangi / www.IndiaRecruiter.net

function v/s skill profile graph