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27 June 2013

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Toilets Toilets Everywhere , no Water to Flush

A news report ( Business Line / April 14, 2016 ) says,

*  In first 11 months of 2015-16, 1.09 crore toilets were built across the country

*  Of these, 98.64 lakh were in rural areas and 10.63 lakh were in urban areas

*  But 48 % of rural folks and 7.5 %  of urban folks , still go out in the open

Before launching this ( highly desirable ) mission, I wonder if the authorities concerned , asked themselves :

*  How many million homes are there in rural areas ?

*  How many persons are their ( avg ) per household ?

*  How many of rural homes have piped water supply to
    be able to flush those toilets ?

*  At norm followed by our cities ( ie 100 litres of water
    per person per day ) , how many litres of water will be
    required by these households ?

*  Do these 7 lakh villages have centralized Water
    Distribution Networks ? 

*  From where will water get drawn ?

    Are there local lakes or bore-wells in these villages ?

    Do these have enough water to last whole year ?

*  If not , should not our first priority be to dig such lakes
    and bore wells and lay down Water Distribution
    pipelines before constructing toilets ?

I am reminded of those hundreds of " Ghost Cities " of China , capable of housing one million people each - but no occupants !

No wonder , Business Line titled this report :

" .... but Swachh Bharat still a pipedream "


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22  April  2016


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