Saturday, 23 April 2016

Recruitment Process Flow-Chart

Dear HR Manager / Headhunter / Recruitment  Consultant :

There is no doubt you have subscribed to many job sites to:

  Post Jobs.
  Search Resumes.

But ours is the only job portal that enables you to store / hold resumes in a

 Resume Holder 

( for later viewing at your convenience ) - irrespective of whether ,

you short listed those resumes yourself, during Resume Search.

Then we simplify your life still further by enabling you to ,

Transfer the resumes with high percentile score to an Interview Process.

Conduct interview  using Interactive Interview Tool ( IIT ) with built-in  15,000+ Interview Questions.

Fill-up online Candidate Assessment Form, while the Candidate is still sitting in front of you !

Click on candidate's Interview History to find out if he was ever before interviewed by your organization, at anytime in the past !

Now this is as cool as you can get with your Recruitment Process !

-  Shubhangi  /


Image Describing Recruitment Process

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