Saturday, 23 April 2016


Dear  HR Manager / Headhunter / Recruitment Consultant :

You have heard of a Horoscope / Janam kundli  

You might have even got one made for yourself 

Here is mine , made in Rangoon / Burma ( Yangon / Myanmar ) where I was born in 1933. 

Does not say what would have happened to me, if I was still hanging around in Yangon - with hurricane "Nargis" etc ! 

And whatever it does say , is encrypted in something far more complex than " Da Vinci code ".

But if you insist on Profiles (instead of a plain text resume),it carries a built-in KarmaScope of the jobseeker.

Karmascope lists the

Keywords found in the resume ( Surya  - Chandra - Ravi  etc ).
Keywords missing in the resume (Rahu - Ketu - Mangal - Shani  etc).

Then when you click on any of these keywords, some 15,000+ Interview Questions pop-up on your screen !

Karmascope enables you to predict , if that candidate has any "Future" in your organization !

- Hemen Parekh /

karmascope presents matching keywords in candidate's resume

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