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27 June 2013

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Robots Robots Everywhere , not a Soul to See !

This may not happen anytime soon in India , it could soon be a reality in Japan

If in doubt , look at the following figures for Robot Population :

*    Japan............... 310,508

*    USA.................  168,623

*    Germany..........   161,988

*    South Korea....... 138,883

*    China.............     96,924

*    Canada............    18,387

*    UK................  ..   15,046

*    India...............     7,840

*    Brazil................   7,576

Read these figures in following context :

#  In last 10 years , Japan's population shrunk by 1 MILLION people

#  Last week , in New York and California , minimum wage for unskilled
    labor was raised to $ 15 per hour ( approx Rs 1000 per HOUR ! )

#  A fresh Civil Engineering graduate in India gets paid Rs 15,000 / month
   ( Rs 75 per hour ! )

#  There are demonstrations by citizens in most European countries which
    are trying to introduce " Austerity Measures "(aka " Employee Benefits ")

#  My following blog :


Monday, 21 September 2015


The First Industrial Revolution started in Britain , with the invention of steam engine , which multiplied human power many times

With help of steam engine power , one man could do the job of ten men

Human productivity went up sharply , enabling production of ten times more goods , in ten times less time

Thousands of factories came up ; first in Britain , then in USA and gradually spreading to rest of Europe

But it took over a century to reach the poor countries of Asia / Africa / China

Under colonial rule , these countries were forced to export own raw materials to industrialized countries at a very cheap price and import their factory-made finished goods at very high prices

But as poor countries started catching up on factory-based manufacturing using its cheap labour , the developed countries are now worried !

One time importers of finished goods are now exporting those very products to the developed countries , which are finding it difficult to compete with the emerging markets

An outstanding example of this is the rise of China , in the past 25 years as the , " Factory of the World "

But Western countries are not resigned to their fate of a lowered

 " Standard of Living "

They are gearing up to usher :

The Second Industrial Revolution  !

In the form of Robots :

Robots manufacturing cars / appliances / machinery / anything
Robots 3 D printing products from designs downloaded from Net

Robots managing health care in hospitals

Robots serving food in restaurants

Robots carrying out office jobs

Robots teaching in schools

Robots entertaining

Robots everywhere !

And these are :

Robots which work 24 hours/day and do not ask for a salary

Robots that do not " go slow "or go on a strike

Robots that do not demand " Quotas / Reservations "

Robots that do not take holidays or take " Sick Leave "

Robots that do not resign / demand promotion

Robots that neither envy other robots nor sabotage 

Robots that do not complain against unpleasant work

Robots that do not get tired and need rest

Robots whose production does not drop after working for 8 hours

Robots that do not demand " Overtime Pay " @ 200 % of normal

Robots that perfectly co-ordinate their tasks with other robots

Robots that willingly " retire " at any age , whenever required

Robots that do not demand Unemployment/Retirement Benefits

 Robots which may , some day , provide you with emotional support when you are sick / depressed  !

And this Second Industrial Revolution is NOT going to take a hundred years to reach the shores of India

With spread of DIGITAL INDIA / Internet / Mobile Apps , it may take , no more than 20 years !

Question :

Fearing that it will create further unemployment , shall we try to stall its arrival  ?

OR ,

Will our Self-Employed and Start Ups expedite its arrival and imaginatively use it to create 100 new jobs for each lost job ?

Let us stop tinkering with ,

*  The India Aspiration Fund

*  The MakeinIndia Soft Loan Fund

*  The MUDRA Bank

Converting millions of Job-seekers into Job - Creators ,  would entirely depend upon Union Government quickly passing , what I earlier advocated as :

Start Up Act - 2015


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11  April  2016


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