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27 June 2013

Friday, 15 April 2016

Vishal's Vision

In Indian languages , Vishal stands for :

Big / Huge / Enormous / Great

Some may even translate it as : Magnificent / Mind Boggling

That about sums up the vision of Vishal Sikka , CEO , Infosys

It was apparent in his interview in Business Line ( 16 April 2016 ) , which read :

Q :

 ... Indian companies acting as visa agents. What is the way forward ?


" We are working on being independent of visas and it is possible because of advances in technology such as Virtual Reality and collaborative technologies through which we can do the same thing sitting out of any location "

Q :

What sort of impact will this have on your business model ?

Ans :

" Yes. Right now , I can't quantify the impact but it will take some time

Software is reshaping the world around us. The future looks entirely different - as it is being fundamentally reshaped by digital technologies

We have to re-imagine the notion of services

However we have to bear in mind that innovation is a need as much in good times as in bad times  "

I am tempted to send my following blog ( dt 09 Sept 2015 ) to :



China is known as the " Factory " of the World

India is known as the  " Back Office " of the World

Can India become the " Back Factory " of the World ?

Wrong question !

Right question is : WHEN can we become the " Back Factory " of the World ?

Answer is " hiding in plain sight " !

This week , an astronaut , sitting in a satellite 400 km above the earth and hurtling through space at 16,000 km per hour , operated a robot on the earth

Earlier , scientists sitting in NASA space centre or  in Shri Harikota space centre , have operated Mars Rovers / MOM ( Mars Orbital Mission ) remotely

From a distance of millions of miles

And soon , astronauts  will be sending emails to earthlings from millions of miles away , using " Space Internet " on their Mobile phones

Invariably , each such team of scientists , comprised Indians !

So , WHEN can our scientists - and software Start Ups - enable Indian workers ( sitting in Hyderabad / Chennai etc ) to operate / manipulate , machinery in factories of Europe / America / China ?

I believe this can become a reality by 2020 , if Central Government and State Governments , just get out of the way of our scientists / Start Ups and leave them alone !

Then tell them :

" You are our next generation of Freedom Fighters . Free our millions from
poverty / starvation / jobless depression / ignominy / suicides

Like war - ravaged people of North Africa , Indians cannot invade Europe / Australia / Canada , in search of jobs / better life

We depend upon you to bring the jobs to India - jobs such as ,

  *   Operating Machinery in Factories abroad

  *   Controlling Air Traffic at Airports around the World

  *   Operating upon patients in Hospitals , all over

  *   Teaching students in Schools , in remote Africa

  *   Any job that currently requires immediate presence of a

And , if you set up a " Back Factory " , you don't need to pay Corporate Income Tax for next 10 years !

Simply register on web site of Income Tax Department as a " Back Factory "owner and file annual  Zero Corporate Tax Return

When this happens ,

>  Millions of skilled Indian workers will operate factories around the World ,
    sitting in , internet connected " Back Factories " in small Indian towns

>  Foxconn will not need to replace its high-wage Chinese workers with one
    million robots ( as officially announced sometime back )

    At half the wages of those Chinese workers , Indians will operate Foxconn
    factories , all over the World , remotely !

>  " Contract Labour Act " will need to be replaced with " Back Factory " Act

>  " Minimum Wages Act " will need to be scrapped !

>   India will not need to fight with WTO on " Manpower / Service Exports "

>   " Make in India " will morph into " Make from India "

I hope NDA Ministers and members of NITI Aayog will ask , Narayan Murthy / Sam Pitroda / Azim Premji / Sundar Pichai / Satya Nadela / Ray Kurzweil etc :

"  How soon can this be done ? How can you help ? "


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16  April  2016