Monday, 25 April 2016

No use Fighting !

Entire world produces 280 million tons of plastics , every year

Of this , some 20 million tons finds its way into world's oceans

Rest finds its way into ugly land-fills

A very tiny percentage of this has accumulated at one spot in Pacific Ocean

It is called Great Pacific Garbage Patch , , covering an area , twice the size of United Kingdom ( approx 500,000 Sq Km )

Since most of this is non-degradable , it will continue to float for 50 years

Hundreds of scientists and governments are working for years to find a solution to this problem of cleaning up the ocean by removing floating plastic

But the solution is evading !

Use of current method of skimming will take several decades to clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

But if some method can be found to ,

*  Increase the thickness of the patch to several hundred feet

*  Bind the loosely floating plastic with some glue / resin , to turn it into a
    strong land like mass ( of course , still floating )

*  Build onto this light weight pre-fabricated homes

then ,

it could become a Nation of 126 million inhabitants ( twice the population of UK , since Pacific Garbage Patch is twice the area of UK ) !

Of course , if this method succeeds , 280 million tons can create an entire continent , the size of Europe ! Every year , too !

May be scientist can even find a way to tow it away anywhere  !

For EU threatened with an influx of a million migrants every year , this could be a much cheaper - and humanitarian - way of housing them

Much cheaper than what Elon Musk / Mark Zukerberg / Jeff Bezo etc are spending on Space Missions to locate inhabitable distant Earth-like planets !

Why spend billions of dollars on finding ways to bio-degrade plastics ?

Just find a way to " Re-Use " it for benefit of poor people !

Call it USM ( United States of Migrants ) !

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25  April  2016


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