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27 June 2013

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Training to Climb Everest ?

Just came across a news report ( HT / 14 April ) which says , parents of students of Vibgyor School ( Mumbai ), have opposed the decision of School Management to give tablets to Students of class 5

They are worried about continuous use of tablets damaging the eyes of their children - even as they are keen to reduce the weight of the school-bags by over 80 %

There could be other health hazards such as :

*  Reduced alertness in the class rooms

*  Diverting attention to online games ... etc

But , are these parents able to reduce the number of hours that their children watch TV / send text messages from their smart phones ?

Of course , not !

If anything , the trend towards watching some or other screen , is ever increasing , all over the World

This will get only worse with arrival of Virtual Reality ( VR ) devices , in next 2 / 3 years ! Expect all students to be walking around wearing Google Glass !

And when holograms arrive , we may look like zombies talking to unreal images flooding the living rooms of our homes !

And , lying in our beds and watching late night movies on our bedroom ceiling !

When these children grow up and take up jobs in offices ( no one wants to work on factory floor ! ) , they will be staring into a computer screen for 10 hours per day !

There is no way , the march of technology can be stopped

Either technology will find a way to overcome health hazards or over the next 500,000 years , humans will merge with computers , in what , Ray Kurzweil calls " Singularity " !


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15  April  2016