Friday, 8 April 2016

Water Wars ?

Long time back , someone had said :

The third World War will be fought over water

I don't know about World War 3 , but I have a dreadful feeling that , soon enough , a Civil War may get fought over water in our country !

For decades , our Southern States have been fighting over the waters of Krishna , Kaveri , Godavari etc

Recently , Punjab has stopped supplying water to Haryana thru SYL ( Sutlej - Yamuna Link canal )

In the meantime , 10 States are declared " Drought Affected "

Section 144 has been imposed in Latur and other cities

Armed police are deployed to protect water-stealing from dams in Bundelkhand

Thousands of farmers in Maharashtra / Rajasthan are committing suicide because of crop failures , leading to starvation

Lakhs of drought-affected villagers are migrating to city-slums / railway platforms / under the city-bridges

Villagers are refusing to marry their daughters to youth in drought affected villages

Lakhs of women are trudging 10 KM in 40* C temperature to fetch a bucketful of water

Even children ( under age of 10 ) are leaving studies and waiting with pots , for the arrival of water tanker

Maharashtra CM , Fadnavis says : You may shift the IPL outside Maharashtra , if you wish  ! We are not supplying POTABLE WATER to stadiums !

What is holding him back to say : Sorry , potable or not , I will not allow IPL
to WASTE , 60 Lakh liters of water , under any circumstance !
Several World Bodies have forecast that by 2050 , millions will die in India due to water shortage


At the level of Central Government

*   Make " Water Conservation / Usage " , a  CENTRAL SUBJECT  in our
     Constitution . Remove it from the list of STATE SUBJECTS

*   Declare all existing sources of water ( Rivers and Lakes ) , as National
    Resources belonging to entire Nation and not to the particular State
     where these are  located

*   Make it Center's responsibility to decide which State shall use how
     much of each of these resource ( allocation / rationing )

*   Center will also be responsible for developing of future resources by
     digging lakes & ponds / building dams / interlinking rivers & lakes etc
     Use MNREGA funds for creating such assets

*   Center will not need permission of any State to implement such projects

*   Center will implement " River Interlinking " Project by 2025 , and for this,
     it will not require permission of any State

     As repeatedly lobbied by me , please find a way to divert BLACK MONEY
     to this Infrastructure SPV ( Tax haven or local - which is 100 times ! )

*   Mercilessly , shut down all factories dumping polluting effluents in rivers

#   At the level of State Governments

*   Make following mandatory for ALL buildings ( existing or future )

    +  Rain water harvesting system ( this tank to supply toilets / sinks etc )

    +  Recycling of water from Kitchen / Shower / Wash Basins, for use in
        toilets , by installing a simple sand filtering tank in society compounds

    +  Installation of water flow restricting devices in all taps

    +  Mechanism which stops water flow when hands are removed under tap

    +  Water Supply Cut of 25 % , round the year

         Do not raise Water Charges . The higher the charges , more ways will
         be found to evade ( as in case of Personal Income Tax ! )

         Water meters will get tempered or bypassed !

Note the following :


*   Of all the water that rains bring , 99 % flows out to seas, leaving 1 %
     on land

*   Out of this 1% , 99 % percolates into the ground , leaving 1 % ( of that
     1 % ) , into lakes above the ground !

*   75 % of earth's surface is covered with seas / oceans . So , really , there
     is PLENTY of water

*   Nature ( Sun ) has gifted the Earth with evaporation / condensation cycle
    which converts the salty sea water into distilled potable water,
    automatically / continuously , and deliver onto the land masses

    Amount of water falling as rain on land each year is 2.4 trillion meter cube ,
    more than 10 times the annual requirement of 7 billion earthlings , at the
    rate of 100 litres per person per day !

    As far as India is concerned , all that is required , is to dig 700,000
    ponds / lakes ( one in each village ) , where we capture / store rain water

*   These 700,000 ponds must be lined with Geo-Synthetic Fabrics to ensure
    that the captured water does not seep underground - a simple technology

*   Capturing most of rain water in these ponds , will raise the water table in
    bore wells

*   None of the above suggestions require Rocket Science !  But , even if it
    does , our Scientists who have sent Mars Orbital Mission , are quite
    capable of finding appropriate solutions !

I hope the Center / the State Governments and all the political parties , rise
above their differences and join hands , to avoid a CIVIL WATER WAR !

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09  April  2016


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