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27 June 2013

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Project Profile using www.IndiaRecruiter.net

Dear  HR Manager / Headhunter / Recruitment  Consultant :

A job-seeker's  Karma-Scope is full of skill-related keywords.

It is one thing to have an academic familiarity with a given skill but an altogether different matter to have actually applied  / used that skill in a real life project of commercial value. 

A candidate is most unlikely to have used all the skills that he claim to have acquired.

Therefore, you want to restrict your Interview Questions to only those skill areas which he has actually mastered during execution of projects.

And as far as  Interview Questions  are concerned, simply click on link " Key Skills Used " links in the project tabulation ! 

After this demo, your job-advs ( on Monster /  Naukri  /  Timesjob  ) should read :

  We do not accept text resumes. We only accept " Profiles " !

- Shubhangi  /   www.IndiaRecruiter.net

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