Saturday, 23 April 2016

Underpaid ?

Dear Executive,

To be underpaid is bad enough. 

Not to know that you are underpaid is worse  !

How does your current salary compare with those of your,

*   co-professionals ?

*   colleagues ? 

*   friends ? 

*   class-mates ? 

*   cousins ?

You want to know this – and on a continuing / ongoing basis, 

Not once-a-year when some newspapers publishes a macro-level industry / region wise “ Salary Survey ”

You want to strengthen your bargaining position; with your current employer and with your prospective employers well.

And now (  - not next increment time  ! )

Now it is easy. 

When you Submit Resume/create profile, your salary profiles get generated in a matter of seconds, showing how your current salary compares with your co-professionals.

Then comeback EVERYDAY, log in at this page and see your latest / revised profile !

( Sure, your salary does not change everyday but when thousands of executives are submitting their resumes daily, your relative “standing” is changing continuously - even hourly ! )

Unbelievable  ?   Don’t go by my word.

Submit Resume  and see for yourself. 

Then comeback and  Edit  your resume whenever your salary changes. 

" The man's satisfaction with his salary depends on whether he makes more than his wife's sister's husband. "

- H. L. Mencken
Source: DNA Money, Sept 01, 2008

- Rahul   /


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